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Diesel tanks Fontana S.r.l. - Homologated diesel TANK FUEL with erogation system in cabinet



Diesel tanks, mobile tanks TANK FUEL E/55 and E/80, homologated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs according to Italian law, D.M. 19/03/90 and D.M. 22/11/2017 and following modifications and extensions (D.M. 12/09/2003).

Fontana - Diesel tanks

They are equipped with collection basin able to hold 110% of total quantity of the tank. Service ladder, erogation system protection roof (as foreseen by the Ministry Decree). The tanks and the collection basins are made in carbon stainless steel of S235JR quality according to rule UNI EN 10025-2 and externally treated with two coats of primer and a following finish of two coatings of synthetic metallic grey enamels, they are provided with a discharge or cleaning hose with a 1 inch zinc plug, with an upper hose for a level probe, a plug for the connection of the earth cable, a gangway 400mm diameter, complete with bolts and anti petrol gasket with a 3 inch opening with a lockable bayonet fastening and a 90% load limiting valve, an exhaust with a terminal brass fire barrier, a mechanical level indicator and float ,an electric panel and a level probe.


Homologated diesel TANK FUEL with erogation system in cabinet. The assembling of the series E55 and E80 foresees a metallic cabinet with a key lock which holds a self priming electric pump with an incorporated by pass (power 220volts) of 56 or 80lt/min, connected to an aspiration system with a no return valve with a calibrated spring and a closing ball valve (useful in case of maintenance to the pumping group), a mechanic oscillating disk litre counter flanged with a three figure partial which can be used as a progressive totalizator or can be reset to zero, automatic nozzle connected erogation tube for fuel(4mt long 56lt/min and 6mt per version of 80lt.min), two anti impurity filters with metallic open net aspiration and an electronic panel with an emergency stop and a control chip for the level probe (pump blocks at the minimum level).


CodiceCapacity litersØMax lengthBathtub dimensionsWeight KgDimensions of the roof*
PFTF-1.2P551X1.200 liters950 mm2.000 mm1200x2100xh530mm375 Kg1600x2200mm
PFTF-2P551X2.000 liters1.270 mm1.500 mm1400x2200xh720mm480 Kg1600x2200mm
PFTF-3P55/A1X3.000 liters1.500 mm1.840 mm1650x2400xh870mm610 Kg1800x2500mm
PFTF-5P55/A1X5.000 liters1.800 mm2.150 mm2250x2430xh1050mm815 Kg2350x2500mm
PFTF-7P55/A1X7.000 liters1.800 mm2.900 mm2250x3260xh1050mm991 Kg2350x3500mm
PFTF-9P551X9.000 liters1.800 mm3.660 mm2160x4100xh1120mm1140 Kg2350x4400mm


All TANK FUELS can be equipped with an outlet water separator.
* The protection roof is optional and it is made of a galvanized frame covered by galvanized sheet. It constitutes of four poles placed for the insert in the support for the collection basin, upper frame and covering sheet.



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