HARROWS SERIES ED PP with towed disks in 6 sections

HARROWS SERIES ED PP with towed disks in 6 sections

Machine suitable to crumble and bury straw after stripping and any cultivation leftover
Machine suitable for labouring and levelling the ground in a cheap quick way


  • Towed harrows with 3 rows of special disks series "TRILAMA" with modular frame and interchangeable implements.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of trolley and shaft.
  • Standard follow disks.
  • Adjustable central disk equipment and safety bolt.
  • Independent erasers.
  • Recordable connections.


MODELWorking widthTransport width
PP 300m3.00m3.20
PP 400m3.96m4.40
PP 400 Im 3.96m2.50
PP 450 I4.42m2.50
PP 500 I4.92m2.50



  • Side projection-proof disks => optional on all models.
  • Front wheels for working depth adjustment (2 couples) => optional on all models.
  • Adjustable levelling springs => optional on all models.
  • Central front roller + double shaft cylinder => optional on all models.
  • Multipurpose adjustable rear box for the implements => optional on all models.
  • Cage roller Ø 600 => optional on all models.
  • N° 2 rows of corrugated disks => optional on all models.

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