You have to work with automatic laser controlled system in order to achieve the best precision during levelling work - both for horizontal plains (rice-fields) and for single/dual slopes.
These systems consist of:

  • transmitter to be set on a telescopic tripod and to be placed in the centre of the field which needs levelling (or even in the middle of the longest side, on an adjoining road or on an embankment)
  • receiver, to be placed on the graduated hydraulic mast of the leveller
  • control box to be placed in the tractor cabin
  • cables set

The transmitter emits a 360° laser beam, the receiver picks it up and sends it to the control box which processes it and operates the movement of a hydraulic cylinder by means of an electric valve (this way the blade of the leveller rises and lowers).


trasmettitore per impianti laser per livellatrici
aser transmitter for ricefields
LEICA brand
impianti laser per livellatrici
laser transmitter for double slope
LEICA brand
impianti laser per livellatrici - treppiede
impianti laser per livellatrici - ricevitore
receiver MOBA
livellatrici - impianti laser
control box MOBA
livellatrici - impianti laser
Cables set

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