SUBSOILER SERIE ERCOLE fast combined modular

SUBSOILER SERIE ERCOLE fast combined modular

Suitable machine for preparing of the sowing bed, in just one passage and also in presence of leftovers. High working speed, minimum wear-and-tear and low consumption. Mounted, half-mounted and towed version.

MODELVersionWork width mTransport width mWeight kgRequire HP
ERC 300 Pwith cage roller3.003.201650130/170
ERC 300 Pwith light paker roller3.003.201800140/180
ERC 300 Pwith double corrugated row of disks3.003.202100160/200
ERC 400 Pwith cage roller4.002.552900180/220
ERC 400 Pwith light paker roller4.002.552960180/220
ERC 400 Pwith double corrugated row of disks4.002.553600200/260
ERC 400 Twith single row of corrugated disks and PL roller4.002.556500260/360



  • Difference between selfalignement and swinging bearings (for combed disks) - kgs. 17.5 each
  • Hydraulic system on parallelogram structure for adjusting of the working height of the curved blades or of the anchors.
  • Hydraulic lift between front equipment with curved blades and disk harrow (so that you get two compacted and independent machines).
  • N° 2 front wheels for depth adjustment.



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